Polygon Sephiroth

About Polygon Sephiroth

Introduction - What is it like being a Cosplayer?

It's like a test of skill and determination.... and depending on the weight and scale of it when you're walking around, it's a test of endurance.

What are your next goals?

To fix the fabric so that it doesn't fall off... sticky glue kind of melts or wears out after awhile. And sewing through the cardboard is rough, so I try to limit that. I'd love to remake certain parts of my cosplay, but with life starting new roads it might be a long time before I do any new cosplay projects. If I meet a significant other who's interested in cosplay, maybe then I'd start a project to help her group cosplay with me as another polygon character from the Final Fantasy 7 game.

Cosplay Characters

I was group cosplaying once as the merchant from Resident Evil 4. After that I was just 4chan's anonymous with the guy fawkes mask and a suit.

What does Cosplay mean to you?

Dressing up and having fun.

Who have been your biggest influences/role models/mentors?

Um, I guess seeing friends do it made me want to join in. Looking at some of the best stuff makes me wants to give it a shot too.

Do you have any advice or suggestions for upcoming Cosplayers?

Think of something no one has probably ever done, or go for something unexpected if possible. I think people like to be surprised. If not that, think about what character you look like the most. Get help from others if you have questions or you're not sure how to do something. Sure it might feel better if you had no help at all, but don't let that feeling get in the way of making it the best way possible. Sometimes others might have a better idea on how to go about getting a part of it to function better. I believe anyone should be able to cosplay whatever they want despite their character body size or other features, and they can still look amazing. Though, I also personally believe that the most accurate cosplays can be the best, which does require certain body or other features that fit the part. That's part of the reason I chose to wear a costume that my face couldn't be seen. Not that there's anything is wrong with my face, but I don't believe I look like any kind of superhero or character in particular. That's why a costume with a mask is the best for me to be the most accurate I can be.

What is the most negative experience you've dealt with while cosplaying, and how did you handle it?

Some kids or people will touch your suit, not realizing how durable it really is. I have a cardboard suit, and people want to fist-pump the hand. As much as I'd like to do that (and I really would), it's not meant to withstand hard hitting ones. Denying a fist-pump would look kind of bad for me, so I try to force it to be light. Thankfully, most people who do it, do it lightly.

Any final remarks or shout-outs?

Shane Riggs Rigsby for hanging with me and helping me get in and out of my suit at Acen 2014 And Rachel Chojnacki (Orange Master Chief) and her friends for helping me at both Acen 2014, and her at Wizard World.