Dead Pixels

About Dead Pixels

Introduction - What is it like being a Cosplayer?

Hello! My name is Brittany, aka Dead Pixels and/or P1nk13 P13! I started cosplaying about 2 years ago. I've worn costumes to PAX East the past two years! Cosplay is a really big part of my life even though I'm a newbie. I'm usually a pretty awkward person who isn't too good at talking to new people. When I have a costume on, however, I feel like I can just be the character. I tend to pick crazy, outgoing characters to help me come out of my shell more! Plus, they match my true personality when I'm out with friends. Cosplay is a really fun, wonderful hobby that I love dearly.

What are your next goals?

I'd like to try something with armor. Worbla is definitely a material I'd like to work with! Also want to complete a dream cosplay of mine: Aerith Gainsborough!

Cosplay Characters

My first costume was Nepeta from Homestuck. I didn't really wear it out anywhere aside from one quick photoshoot and it wasn't a very good costume. Soon after I cosplayed at PAX East for the first time as Genderbend Kakashi from Naruto and Haruko Haruhara from FLCL (sans bass). This past PAX, I wore my original Harley Quinn design which is by far my favorite, especially the giant mallet I crafted from two garbage bins, a broom handle, and some duct tape. I won third place in a contest DC held! I have a lot of ideas to come, including (but not limited to) Mew, Deadpool, and genderbend Joker!

What does Cosplay mean to you?

It makes it a lot easier for me to be outgoing and interact with people. Cosplay helps me come out of my shell. Plus, there's something really wonderful about working hard on something and then showing it off! For a little while, you get to be your favorite character.

Who have been your biggest influences/role models/mentors?

I really love Misa on Wheels because she promotes cosplay as a FUN hobby. She emphasizes that no matter what your shape, size, skin color, or gender is you can (and should) cosplay whatever you want if you love it! Also Vampybitme because she is AMAZING at crafting everything from dresses to armor. Plus I met her once while in Haruko and she was so nice and sweet!

Do you have any advice or suggestions for upcoming Cosplayers?

Don't worry about your size or how much you look like the character. Just go out and have fun! Cosplay is a hobby that brings people together. You can cosplay on any budget and no matter what you look like. Go out and have fun!

What is the most negative experience you've dealt with while cosplaying, and how did you handle it?

At this previous PAX, I had a run in with a "professional" cosplayer who entered a contest claiming she had never cosplayed before. She was very critical of everyone else's costumes and just generally rude. I simply ignored her and made a note to never be that way.

Any final remarks or shout-outs?

Have fun and cosplay!